I have been a boatbuilder for over 40 years and have been a keen camper. We started with tents in our younger days and then moved into camper vans, buses and now a caravan. My wife Janet and I regularly go away travelling in our van and like to spend the Melbourne winter up north.

We have a 19 foot Jayco Poptop where we free camp a lot and we carry extra gear. This year I bought myself a 3.5 metre inflatable boat with an 8 horsepower motor. We did not want a bigger van so I needed the extra space. I had seen aluminium boxes on the back of vans which I did not like the look of, so I decided to design and construct my own in fibreglass and something that looks part of the van. I wanted something large enough to fit a washing machine, water bottles, chainsaw and fuel plus a generator. I was also very conscious of the weight, therefore, the pod only weighs 25kg. I made the unit so it would fit either caravans or motor homes.

We have just finished travelling up north (12,000 kms) and the carry pod stood up to all terrains we went through. Now I have a full set of production moulds and am ready to sell to anybody it may suit.

Harry Twikler